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Did you know? - ♥ SOURCE ♥ - 05-13-2015

[Image: Did-you-know.png]

Weekly tips!

What is this about? Simple: Little bits of helpful information each week to help you increase your RPG Maker wisdom.

Did you know? #1

Did you know? #2

Did you know? #3

Did you know? #4

Did you know? #5

♥ SOURCE ♥ Wrote:
Simply changing the screen tone and adding an overlay image can totally change how a map looks and feels, but be careful to avoid using an excessive number of overlays! The end result can be the complete opposite of what you wanted to achieve.

Use these tools wisely!

So... did you know?

RE: Did you know? - ♦SOURCE♦ - 05-20-2015

Nice, I didn't know about the F1 thing being per-computer, I always wondered where that configuration was stored.

RE: Did you know? - Solistra - 05-20-2015

Regarding the settings being stored in the registry, it's worth mentioning that they're specifically stored in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Enterbrain\RGSS<#>.

The more you know and all that.

RE: Did you know? - ♦SOURCE♦ - 05-20-2015

Good to know, maybe you could update the OP ♥SOURCE♥ and add that too.

Thanks for the extra information. Smile

RE: Did you know? - FeaR616 - 05-20-2015

oh, that is indeed good to know! nice! =)

RE: Did you know? - Solistra - 05-20-2015

(05-20-2015, 02:23 AM)♦SOURCE♦ Wrote:  Thanks for the extra information. Smile

I just happen to be insane enough to love learning about all of the obscure things the RPG Maker series does -- when I get the opportunity to share that information (without being completely out-of-context!) I enjoy taking advantage of it.

RE: Did you know? - ♦SOURCE♦ - 05-27-2015

The new Did you know is something a lot of people should read, it's simple yet most people just mix scripts from many authors and then complain when errors start appearing.

RE: Did you know? - FeaR616 - 05-28-2015

yeah... I definitely know this!!! but I need thos scripts ._.

RE: Did you know? - ♦SOURCE♦ - 06-10-2015

The new "Did you know?" is really important, a lot of developers forget to add overlays or changing the tone and the maps look flat as a result.
Be sure to try different settings to get the right tone and feel for each map!

RE: Did you know? - Michael - 07-01-2015

I knew all but #2 about saving to registry and #5; very useful tips actually! About #5, I knew about the effects but not that it gives the map a total change of how it looks. Awesome! But yeah, doing excessive effects can do the opposite of what one wants Smile The forums and everything here is totally amazing, really. Information and doing giveaways like this makes me want to do it too (share experience and stuff), and maybe I'll do it about cinematic scenes Smile