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Mapping Sundays! - ♦SOURCE♦ - 05-10-2015

[Image: Mapping-Sunday-Title1.png]

Welcome to Mapping Sundays!

What is it about?
Basically as the name implies, we will be posting maps each Sunday.

What type of maps?
Well, everything goes, from normal mapping to parallax, concepts and tiny pieces of maps.

"Can I join?"
Of course, we encourage you to post your maps in this very thread!

"Do I need to post something else other than my map?"
You're not required to, but it will be nice to know if it belongs to a game you're making, if it's just a test map or anything you want to tell us about it!

"Do I have to post on Sundays too?"
No, you can post them whenever you want.

"Can I give my opinion on other users' maps?"
Yes! Please, do it, just be respectful of their work and be constructive about it.

"Can I ask for opinions of my maps?"
Yes, of course you can!

Each Sunday the maps posted during the week will be put into a group on this very post.

Mapping Sundays I

Mapping Sundays II

Mapping Sundays III

Mapping Sundays IV

Mapping Sundays V

Mapping Sundays VI

Mapping Sundays VII

Mapping Sundays VIII

Mapping Sundays IX

So much energy in one place...
[Image: 9-05-07-2015.png]

FeaR's screen:
[Image: 48gxoOa.png]

joaoyonecura's screen:
[Image: RIvc8bY.png?1]

What are you waiting for? Post your maps too!

RE: Mapping Sundays! - FeaR616 - 05-11-2015

ooohh, this looks amazing!!
I like how the crystals grow out of the ground and are glowing! and the shadows!!
you said you do it with parallax mapping? did you integrate the shadows into the image for parallax?

I am not very good doing shadows by myself, but I would make them as extra images to fade them out when it becomes night in my game. or does this sound like a stupid idea? XD

well, of course I contribute with one of my screenshots of my game in development!!
[Image: screenshot.1%20%285%29.png]

RE: Mapping Sundays! - ♦SOURCE♦ - 05-11-2015

Hi Fear!

Yes, in the case of the map I posted, the shadows are included on the map as there isn't any day/night cycle (story reasons).
What you suggested would work for more dynamic maps that need to have different types of shadows to represent different hours of the day, so no, it doesn't sound stupid at all.

Yours is the first map on Mapping Sundays!
The layout of that cave seems to have tight spaces, but I think that's the idea, and there's quite a lot of detail with all the flowers, mushrooms, plants and the rest. Do those green light things move or are they static?
Still, a really good map!

Thanks for posting!

RE: Mapping Sundays! - FeaR616 - 05-11-2015

I'm still figuring out a good way for me to make shadows, it's a bit hard. and I think I make only one shadow layer and the screen tint represent the different hours of the day..

about the screenshot: yes, it is a tight cave and the green lights are static. they are some sort of magical plants =)
thanks for your kind words!

RE: Mapping Sundays! - Dream3r - 05-16-2015

Good job on the maps guys!  @Source I really, really, like yours.  I'm hoping to get to a point I can do lighting/mapping that well.  Still trying to figure things out.  However day and night cycles will be in my team's games so it's hard to keep that quality and animate it throughout the day.  Likely we'll just settle for detailed lighting like yours and just have it cycle abruptly between, "morning, afternoon, dusk, and night"  it's not ideal but it seems to be the case so far as far as shadows are concerned at least.

Anyways as for my map...

[Image: cabin_night_gif_by_livingdreament-d8tm8ha.gif]

Still working on the lighting and such.  It's not quite right yet but the cabin work itself is pretty much done (even if it's a bit hard to see in the dark here)

I'm hoping to find the right amount of flicker for the candle as well as add cloud shadows within the window light...at least in my head it looks good maybe not so much when I put it in game

RE: Mapping Sundays! - ♥ SOURCE ♥ - 05-16-2015

@FeaR616, that cave looks really nice. It has some XP's tiles, right? I like the overall design and feel (it actually feels like a cave), the water part is nice too. 

@Dream3r, that cabin looks so groovy. I love it. The character is cute :3

RE: Mapping Sundays! - FeaR616 - 05-17-2015

@♥ SOURCE ♥: thank you very much for your kind words. =3
and I have to be honest about your XP tiles question: I don't know! =/ I worked with the RM2k3 in the past and with VXAce now and skipped the XP and VX completely, so I don't know how XP tiles look like. I searched and downloaded free resources and pay attention that everything is free to use for commercial games and these are the things I use and edit...

@Dream3r: nice cabin!! I recognize some of your screenshots at rpgmakerweb forum, you create awesome maps! I would make the lights from the windows a bit more blurry so they looks a bit smoother, maybe it helps improving the overall look, but it's up to you!

I still try to figure out a good way for day and night cycles and how I could do the lighting and shadows, it is a really pain for me. XD

RE: Mapping Sundays! - ♦SOURCE♦ - 05-17-2015

Hi Dream3r! Welcome to the forums!

First of all, thanks for joining Mapping Sundays!

Regarding day/night cycles, yeah, unless you want to spend a LOT of time making each variation and creating a system that allows that in a good looking way, it's better to just make different parts of the day like you said.

That gif looks really nice! The style is quite unique and good looking, perhaps a bit too sharp for my taste, but the general feel of the map is there, I really like it!
The flicker should be faster (I don't know the actual speed since I asume that the gif's speed is not the actual speed), but the flicker should be faster and the fade in / out of the lighting layer should go along at the same speed so it feels as if the candle is actually flickering.

About lighting/mapping, it's all about practicing, the more maps/lights/shadows you do, the better you'll get. If you want, I can modify that image of your map to show you how I would make the lighting/shadows of the cabin along with a little explanation of what I did, if you want of course.

Again, thanks for posting your map!

RE: Mapping Sundays! - ♦SOURCE♦ - 05-17-2015

Mapping Sundays II is here!

Updated OP with new map!

RE: Mapping Sundays! - FeaR616 - 05-18-2015

really, REALLY, nice new map from you! again, I love the shadow design and the general mood in this scene, awesome.

I think this is the advantage of no day/night cycle... damn beautiful. +_+