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Full Version: AUDIO FADE IN. Fade out's missing brother is here!
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This is the official Audio Fade In thread.
Everything regarding this freebie should be posted in this thread.

What is Audio Fade In?

♦SOURCE♦ Wrote:This script adds the “fade in” function to the Audio channels, since by default, only “fade out” is included as an event command.

It is very easy to use, just add the correct command using a Call Script event command after you use a Play BGM/BGS/ME one.
Read the header for more info.

Current Version:


Please, follow the rules outlined in the following link when posting bugs:

Link to the official page:
Audio Fade In

There's no need for a video, it's really simple to use.

Download Links:

uhm... in your documentary you wrote to use the script calls right after play BGM/BGS/ME ... but on my test it works properly when I use the script calls right before the play music commands.
is it a mistake by you or is my system weird? ^^
Hello! Does it work for you using it after the Play BGM/BGS/ME call though? (Yes, your setup might be weird, haha.) Smile
well, it works different.

if I make the script call before play BGM, it works how it is supposed to work: the BGM fades in.
if I make the script call after play BGM, the music starts for only a fraction of a second and then fades in, which I assume is not how it should work.
I see. It shouldn't start before the fade in, so use it before the Play BGM command. I'll probably update the instructions later just in case, but, could you try the demo to see if the same happens for you? :3
haha, well, now I am completely confused! XD
in your demo all works how it should!
I tested it again on a test map in my project and it works as well (script call after play BGM)

only on this one map for the dungeon it shows my described behaviour! I guess it's up to my setup ^^"