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About Invenio:

Invenio gives you professional tools to create awesome gameplay mechanics, improve the AI in your game and create an experience worth remembering for your players!

There is a humongous amount of scripts available for RPG Maker, and yet something as important as pathfinding was far from solved… until now.
We present you Invenio, the ultimate solution for pathfinding in RPG Maker VX Ace.
Enjoy top tier performance, tons of features, and endless possibilities to help you achieve everything you want for your game.

Invenio comes with a comprehensive user guide to help you master its features, giving you everything you need to use Invenio to its fullest potential!

To see benchmarks, videos and more, please visit Invenio's official page:
Invenio. Professional Pathfinding Solution.

You can buy Invenio here:

If you need support, please read the rules for posting bugs and incompatibilities before creating a new topic:
Rules for posting bugs and incompatibilities.

Leave your questions, doubts, suggestions and everything else regarding Invenio in this topic.

Hey, finally I managed to read the user manual of Invenio. What you described there, the built in features, this all sound amazing!
except one thing: partially compatible with VE - Pixel Movement !! in your user manual you wrote there is a "Compatibility Patches" folder... but I don't have one, only some demos, replacement patches and the user manual.

I could not test Invenio yet, but I hope all the features are working when I do. the sad thing is, I need this script to use other scripts from him that provide a jump mechanism and platforms and so on...
oh boy, I hope everything will go fine! ^^"

Besides that, amazing work, nice features and a really good, understandable user manual!!
oh, one thing I want to ask and that you can add in future versions: the order of the options, does it matter or not?
for example:
options = {
:when_interrupted => :retry,
:max_retry_attempts => 2


options = {
:max_retry_attempts => 2,
:when_interrupted => :retry
will the event in both cases retry to find a path only twice or does the order matter??
if it doesn't, you should write that into your user manual.
Hello! There are no compatibility patches yet. If Victor's Pixel Movement doesn't break compatibility with the default move route behavior, it should work. If it doesn't, let me know and we'll think of something. Smile

Regarding the order of the options: no, the order doesn't matter. Thanks for your suggestion, I haven't thought of explicitly stating that before. We'll add it for the next update.

Let me know if you need anything else.
alright, I tested it now a bit, with Vicotr's Pixel Movement and it doesn't work. I think Invenio searches the path, find and and try to move the player or event, but nothing happens besides a small lag (where I think that Invenio searches and found the path)... I thought there was a patch since you wrote it down, sorry ^^"
after testing a bit more, it seems that Invenio is able to move NPC's with Victor's Pixel Movement, but not the player!
since I want to use it most on NPC's, this issue is not as important as it was before to me.
much more important are the Effectus issues...
Will you be making this compatible with RPG Maker MV?
Hey, I want to buy Invenio Pathfing on your website but I can't, when it ask a credit card, it's continuously loading..


[Image: iqp68CU.png]

give some solution, please.