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Full Version: SCROLLING HELP DESCRIPTIONS. Now you can properly describe stuff!
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[Image: Freebies_ScrollingHelpDescriptions.png]

This is the official Scrolling Help Descriptions thread.
Everything regarding this freebie should be posted in this thread.

What is Scrolling Help Descriptions?

♦SOURCE♦ Wrote:This script makes the second description line displayed in Help windows scroll if the line is wider than the window.

By default, the text is shrinked to fit it into the window, but using this script, the text will be kept in its perfect dimensions and instead, the line will cycle horizontally at the desired speed.

Read the header for more info and watch the video below to see it in action.

Current Version:


Please, follow the rules outlined in the following link when posting bugs:

Link to the official page:
Scrolling Help Descriptions


Download Links:

tiny bug in thread: your link points to the Cutscene Skip Page! ^^
Fixed, thanks for pointing it out!
oh, I found a bug in this script: if the second line is scrolling and it's an item the player can use, the text don't disappear when using this item.
[Image: 7d4VVmn.png]

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Paste below Scrolling Help Descriptions:

class Window_MenuActor < Window_MenuStatus
 alias_method(:ms_scrolling_help_original_update, :update)
 def update
   @ms_scrolling_help_z ||= self.z
   self.z = active ? @ms_scrolling_help_z + 1000 : @ms_scrolling_help_z

If you find a similar problem anywhere else, let me know, because it would need patching on a special case basis.
Hi, this helps, thank you! =)

If I find something I let you know.
Was testing the script and ended up meeting this bug, during battle if i select a skill with scrolling help, the second line of the description won't disappear after i use the skill and will keep scrolling during the battle.

PS: i'm using the additional class posted above.

[Image: Up444bw.jpg?1]
Updated to 1.0.1! Grab the latest version from Pastebin!

Welcome to the forums! Thanks for the screenshot, it helped.

Let me know if the problem is fixed. Smile
Yep, it's working correctly now, thanks a lot. \(^.^)/
I ran into a problem during testplay: I used an item one turn then attacked the next. When I went to select my target, the Item description was still visible below the enemy's name. I'm using the current version of this script, but is there a fix for this? I also have Yanfly scripts, if that helps any.